Elders & Deacons

Tim Baity


Part of the original Soma Valley planting team, Tim serves SVC in a variety of ways.  His primary responsibility is to assist with our facility and finances.  He also manages our Deacon's Fund which supports the needs of our community.

Hunter Dockery

Teaching Elder

Serving Soma Valley as one of our preaching pastors, Hunter also works with a mission organization called Serge - encouraging gospel work all over the globe.

Josh Kwasny

Teaching Elder

During the week, Josh teaches and coaches business leaders. He serves SVC as one of the preaching pastors.

Mitch Lineberry

Ruling Elder

Part of the original Soma Valley planting team, Mitch serves SVC as a ruling elder.  Along with the other elders, Mitch is responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church - encouraging gospel teaching and ministry for all who call SVC their home.